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One of the main sources of jobs for people on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua is the cruise line industry. Many families are dependent on the remittances sent back by family members on the ships. But a recent BBC Radio Four programme exposed the super-exploitation that goes on in one of the fastest growest global […]

You wouldn’t think that water would be an age discriminaton issue, but it is, according to a new report. According to the BBC (Latin American Young Lack Water) a third of young people in Latin America have not got access to clean water, compared to a quarter of adults. The report, co-written by the UN’s […]

Whilst the new governmentof Daniel Ortega has already changed things for the better in Nicaragua with immediate announcements in health and education, and some progressive appointments to Ministries (see previous posts), some Nicaraguan organisations are saying another agreement with the IMF will be disasterous. Fifteen years of IMF conditions in Nicaragua has left the wreckage […]

George W Bush has proved second to none in resurrecting the careers of the Undead who tormented Central America during the 1980s. The crew of bloodsuckers – Reich, Noriega, Powell, Gates – up to their necks in Reagan’s genocidal policies in the region, and Iran Contra – have been given jobs great and small by […]

Since our last visit to Nicaragua in 2005, one of the main themes for the Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign has been water privatisation. Up until recently it was being sold as the answer to Nicaragua’s effort to meet the water Millenium Development Goal. And the country needs the help. Whilst half the population on the […]

Robert Gates is the latest Cold War monster to be dis-interred by George Bush Jr to take up the reins of the ‘war on terror’. He’s pencilled in to take over from the master of disaster Donald Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary, and be backed by Democrats and Repulicans. Like many of Bush’s nominations (e.g. John […]

The relationship with the United States government will again be of fundamental importance to the new Sandinista government. In a speech last week, President elect Daniel Ortega called for better relations with the US, and for the building of a Union for all the Americas. However, he went on to fiercely criticise the US Government’s […]