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The extent of the devastation caused by Hurricane Felix is becoming clearer every day. The latest report filed by the National System for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Attention paints a sombre picture. 188,000 people have been affected, with 102 dead, 35 unconfirmed dead, and 86 missing. Whole communities have been blown away, with a total […]

The Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign’s sister organisation, NSC, has launched an appeal which the Welsh campaign is supporting (click here to read updates and to make a donation). Felix has left over 100 dead in and around Bilwi (Puerto Cabezas), with 180,000 left homeless, a large percentage of the population in Nicaragua’s North Caribbean region. […]

“Despite a growing consensus that global warming may spawn stronger tropical cyclones, weather experts believe it is too soon to blame climate change for the back-to-back hurricanes.” So said a Reuters report this morning on Hurricane Felix, which has left at least 38 dead, over 200 still missing, and the city of Bilwi and surrounding […]

A new report out this weekend details the effects of climate change on Latin America and the Caribbean. “A Conversation on Conservation: Contemplating the Impact of Climate Change in the Latin America-Caribbean Region” by the Council on Hemispheric Affairs is a good summary of the devastation global warming will cause in the poorest countries, though […]

Nicaraguan banana workers have taken another step in their demand for justice over their pesticide poisoning. They have launched a class action in Los Angeles against the Dole company, but some are not happy. The case concerns claims of sterility caused by the DBCP chemical, applied liberally in Nicaragua (and other countries) when banned in […]

The dire effect of climate change on Nicaragua’s indigenous people is outlined in a report into today’s Guardian. “Hope dries up for Nicaragua’s Miskito’ details the likely effects of a three degree rise in temperatures in Central America over the next couple of decades – Nicaragua has been recently experiencing baking temperatures. The piece co-incides […]

One of the issues that the Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign has followed on the Caribbean Coast has been land rights. After highlighting individual abuses by foreigners buying up indigenous land, we have been focusing more on the demarcation of land. In 2003, after several years of campaigning and lobbying by organisations on the Coast, a […]