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The Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign’s new newsletter is out. It includes articles on: * the looming biofuel disaster in Central America * the successful campaign to stop water privatisation in Nicaragua * news of a Children’s project in Leon * the hell of living and working in Managua’s municipal dump, La Chureca * and a […]

Nicaraguan banana workers have taken another step in their demand for justice over their pesticide poisoning. They have launched a class action in Los Angeles against the Dole company, but some are not happy. The case concerns claims of sterility caused by the DBCP chemical, applied liberally in Nicaragua (and other countries) when banned in […]

The recent Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign delegation once again visited Fairtrade coffee producers. We stayed on a fairtrade coffee farm, part of the CECOCAFEN group of co-ops around Matagalpa. We also met with representatives from SOPPEXCCA, the fairtrade co-op in Jinotega. Both the farmers and their organisations detailed the gains fairtrade has brought, outlined in […]

One of the issues that the Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign has followed on the Caribbean Coast has been land rights. After highlighting individual abuses by foreigners buying up indigenous land, we have been focusing more on the demarcation of land. In 2003, after several years of campaigning and lobbying by organisations on the Coast, a […]

The Sandinista Government are currently sitting down and negotiating a new agreement with the IMF. If it is to have a marked effect on cutting poverty, then Nicaragua will need the IMF to drop the conditions it places on new loans. In education these conditions have profound impacts. The freeze in public spending means only […]

The 9th Welsh delegation has returned from Nicaragua, finding the country more hopeful than at any time since the end of the Revolution in 1990. Many organisations and individuals were placing a lot of hope in the new Sandinista government, but some were worried that these expectations would not be met. To many of their […]

The ninth delegation from the Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign is leaving for Nicaragua tomorrow. We will be meeting with farmers from the CECOCAFEN Co-op (see article in this week’s Independent), stay with a community project in Kukra Hill on the Caribbean Coast, meet with campaigners against water privatisation, and also get a taste of the […]