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Trade agreements have been taking centre stage over the past week in the region. CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement) came under attack by Daniel Ortega in a speech in Sebaco, ironically the site of a maquila, a garment sweatshop. He also praised ALBA, the Bolivarian alternative, which includes Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia. In […]

Abortion has again hit the news in Nicaragua. Revelations appeared over the past week in El Nuevo Diario concerning Rosita. She became famous when she became pregnant aged nine, raped by her neighbour whilst living in Costa Rica with her mother and step-father, who were migrant workers. She was dramatically whisked out of Costa Rica, […]

A new report out this weekend details the effects of climate change on Latin America and the Caribbean. “A Conversation on Conservation: Contemplating the Impact of Climate Change in the Latin America-Caribbean Region” by the Council on Hemispheric Affairs is a good summary of the devastation global warming will cause in the poorest countries, though […]

You wouldn’t think that water would be an age discriminaton issue, but it is, according to a new report. According to the BBC (Latin American Young Lack Water) a third of young people in Latin America have not got access to clean water, compared to a quarter of adults. The report, co-written by the UN’s […]