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After the emerging disaster of CAFTA, Central American countries recently launched into a new round of trade negotiations, this time with the European Union. The one surprise in the announcement is that it is scheduled to take place over two and half years, and not the one year that some were predicted. Though some in […]

Whilst it might still be too early to assess the impact of the Central America Free Trade Agreement on Nicaragua, some of the predictions before its signature look like they are coming true. In two recent articles, a pair of regular commentators on Nicaragua highlight the affect of the Agreement. In the first, Ben Beachy, […]

Nicaragua finalised their next agreement with the IMF earlier this month. According to the US Nicaragua Network, the IMF designated a total of US$90 million in loans for the next three years, U$30 million less than Nicaragua authorities were counting on. US$58 million will be loaned this year. Daniel Ortega had earlier said this will […]

Nicaragua’s autonomy process, initiated by the Sandinistas in the mid 1980s, has won praise from a new report from Minority Rights Group International. Published this week, From Conflict to Autonomy in Nicaragua: Lessons Learnt, by Sandra Brunneger, is a potted history of the conflict between the Sandinistas and the Caribbean Coast’s indigenous people, and the […]

The Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign’s new newsletter is out. It includes articles on: * the looming biofuel disaster in Central America * the successful campaign to stop water privatisation in Nicaragua * news of a Children’s project in Leon * the hell of living and working in Managua’s municipal dump, La Chureca * and a […]

Nicaraguan banana workers have taken another step in their demand for justice over their pesticide poisoning. They have launched a class action in Los Angeles against the Dole company, but some are not happy. The case concerns claims of sterility caused by the DBCP chemical, applied liberally in Nicaragua (and other countries) when banned in […]