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The dire effect of climate change on Nicaragua’s indigenous people is outlined in a report into today’s Guardian. “Hope dries up for Nicaragua’s Miskito’ details the likely effects of a three degree rise in temperatures in Central America over the next couple of decades – Nicaragua has been recently experiencing baking temperatures. The piece co-incides […]

Whilst the Wales NSC blog has been taking a holiday, things continue to develop apace in Nicaragua. At the start of May Nicaragua entered into negotiations with the IMF about a new agreement, the last according to Daniel Ortega. Nearly a month later there is still no agreement on the table, as Nicaragua resists another […]

The recent Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign delegation once again visited Fairtrade coffee producers. We stayed on a fairtrade coffee farm, part of the CECOCAFEN group of co-ops around Matagalpa. We also met with representatives from SOPPEXCCA, the fairtrade co-op in Jinotega. Both the farmers and their organisations detailed the gains fairtrade has brought, outlined in […]