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One of the issues that the Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign has followed on the Caribbean Coast has been land rights. After highlighting individual abuses by foreigners buying up indigenous land, we have been focusing more on the demarcation of land. In 2003, after several years of campaigning and lobbying by organisations on the Coast, a […]

The Sandinista government is celebrating 100 days in office, and its score-card is already being marked. In a review of its policies so far, the latest bulletin from the US Nicaragua Network gives a range of views, from those who are favourable to the advances made already in social policy, to those who are highly […]

Nicaragua has made it clear that the current negotiations with the IMF for a five year agreement over loans will be the last. “Within five years Nicaragua will be free from the Fund,” said President Ortega on Saturday. The rush for the door is part of Latin America’s divorce from the IMF. With Nicaragua, the […]

To no one’s surprise the notorious Cuban terrorist Luis Posada Carriles was allowed to walk after a two year extradition case in the United States. Posada Carriles stands accused of many terrorism acts, including blowing up a flight between Caracas and Cuba in the 70s, killing 73 people. After his release on Thursday Nicaragua joined […]

Like the two Ugly Sisters, the World Bank and IMF are aging disgracefully. First up, the World Bank, and their head Paul Wolfowitz. No stranger to shame, he’s been caught promoting his girlfriend, throwing the whole organisation into a tizzy (see World Bank in crisis over Wolfowitz in the Guardian). So much for the ‘governance’ […]

More and more ways are opening up to tell stories, revolutionary or not. A deeply personal method is digital story-telling, which has been championed by BBC Wales. These funny, often moving tales reflect the personal experiences of many different people in our country. One of the latest is by Shan Ashton, called Revolutions. It tells […]