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One of the things most striking about the Welsh delegation to Nicaragua last month was to hear people so hopeful. Even some of the past critics of the Sandinistas while they were in opposition were giving a cautious welcome to the actions taken in the first month of the new government. Now an analysis published […]

Lleol i Mi


For a slideshow of pictures from the recent Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign delegation, see the BBC Cymru website Lleol i Mi. The accompanying text tells of the Action Aid community development project in Kukra Hill (including the link between Radio Kukra Hill and Radio Bro Blaenau), and the work of CIPRES, which has been adopted […]

The Sandinista Government are currently sitting down and negotiating a new agreement with the IMF. If it is to have a marked effect on cutting poverty, then Nicaragua will need the IMF to drop the conditions it places on new loans. In education these conditions have profound impacts. The freeze in public spending means only […]

One of the highlights of the Welsh delegation to Nicaragua was a workshop run by Huw Roberts, a producer with Radio Cymru on their nighly youth segment, C2. Huw worked over two evenings with the young volunteers of Radio Kukra Hill, on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast, to produce a half hour broadcast for Radio Bro Blaenau […]

The 9th Welsh delegation has returned from Nicaragua, finding the country more hopeful than at any time since the end of the Revolution in 1990. Many organisations and individuals were placing a lot of hope in the new Sandinista government, but some were worried that these expectations would not be met. To many of their […]