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The ninth delegation from the Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign is leaving for Nicaragua tomorrow. We will be meeting with farmers from the CECOCAFEN Co-op (see article in this week’s Independent), stay with a community project in Kukra Hill on the Caribbean Coast, meet with campaigners against water privatisation, and also get a taste of the […]

It looks like crunch time for any new agreement with the IMF (see last post) will come by the middle of this month. The President’s Economic Advisor (and former Commandante) Bayardo Arce says negotiations have been postponed for a fortnight, to await the outcome of the recent Inter-american Development Bank meeting. At the meeting the […]

Whilst the new governmentof Daniel Ortega has already changed things for the better in Nicaragua with immediate announcements in health and education, and some progressive appointments to Ministries (see previous posts), some Nicaraguan organisations are saying another agreement with the IMF will be disasterous. Fifteen years of IMF conditions in Nicaragua has left the wreckage […]

How big is your carbon footprint? For the average person in Wales, yesterday marks the day this year that they will have emitted the same amount of CO2 as the average Nicaraguan emits in a year. This shocking fact is contained in a new ‘calendar‘ from the World Development Movement, which seeks to put the […]