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The new Sandinista Government seems to be living up to its promises to prioritise the poor, although it’s still (very) early days. Miguel de Castilla, the new Education Minister, has abolished fees, and ended school ‘autonomy’ i.e. the road to privatisation of the education system. Maritza Quant, the Health Minister, has announced the end of […]

In February a group from Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign will be visiting the country for the ninth time. One of the places the delegation will travel to is Matagalpa, to meet with the Movimiento Comunal Matagalpa, which is campaigning against British company Biwater, who have the contract to manage local water services. The MCM is […]

George W Bush has proved second to none in resurrecting the careers of the Undead who tormented Central America during the 1980s. The crew of bloodsuckers – Reich, Noriega, Powell, Gates – up to their necks in Reagan’s genocidal policies in the region, and Iran Contra – have been given jobs great and small by […]

Nicaraguan small producers, in the poorest areas all over the country, will have been heartened by the appointment of Orlando Nunez Soto to head the ‘Zero Poverty’ programme. The innovative methods he has pioneered at CIPRES gives greater hope for reactivating the agricultural sector than following the neo-liberal path. The contradictions of the CIPRES approach […]

The Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign’s latest newsletter for January 2007 is now out (). To see a copy of our last newsletter from July 2006, see here()

Scientists are again forecasting the warmest year on record for 2007, because of an El Nino event across the Pacific Ocean. The last record year, 1998, again co-incided with El Nino. Nicaragua experienced drought and crop loss, a typical result felt across Latin America. No one knows for sure what impact global warming will have […]

One of the most important tests for the Sandinista government will be their relationship with the United States. The intervention of the US Ambassdor, Paul Trivelli, in the elections, over several years, does not augur well. Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega (with responsibility for Latin America), one of the Reaganaut gangsters from the 80s, […]