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Since our last visit to Nicaragua in 2005, one of the main themes for the Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign has been water privatisation. Up until recently it was being sold as the answer to Nicaragua’s effort to meet the water Millenium Development Goal. And the country needs the help. Whilst half the population on the […]

This summer the Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign highlighted the effect IMF policies are having on education in the country. This week the new Sandinista government announced the abolition of school fees, imposed by the ‘cost recovery’ demanded by the IMF and the World Bank. Wales NSC Education Campaign The IMF has also sought a freeze […]

With the expected victory of Hugo Chavez in today’s Presidential elections in Venezuela, a year of frenetic voting comes to an end in Latin America. The result has been a continent moving to the Left, with closer integration on the agenda. These victories, and the inability of the United States government to prevent them, is […]

One of the most consistent critics of Daniel Ortega and the failure of the FSLN to democtratise internally has been Alejandro Bendana. Bendana, Nicaragua’s former Ambassador to the UN and Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry during the Revolution, supplied the translation for Ortega at a huge rally in London in 1989 to mark ten […]