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Contrary to most commentators expectations, Rafael Correa has been elected President of Ecuador. Correa was written off after failing to win in the first round, but emerged triumphant in the run-off. Correa’s campaign was built on a strong message of governing to change the lives of the poorest, standing up to the US, and building […]

Robert Gates is the latest Cold War monster to be dis-interred by George Bush Jr to take up the reins of the ‘war on terror’. He’s pencilled in to take over from the master of disaster Donald Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary, and be backed by Democrats and Repulicans. Like many of Bush’s nominations (e.g. John […]

The relationship with the United States government will again be of fundamental importance to the new Sandinista government. In a speech last week, President elect Daniel Ortega called for better relations with the US, and for the building of a Union for all the Americas. However, he went on to fiercely criticise the US Government’s […]

Garifuna Soul


Music from Central America’s Caribbean Coast is rare – in Nicaragua, the best known comes out of Bluefields. The latest edition is the music of the Garifuna, one of the Coast’s indigenous groups, who live in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and around the Pearl Lagoon area of Nicaragua. The Garifuna’s most exciting artist is Aurelio Martinez, […]

Time to Deliver


With the dust settling on the Nicaragua elections, people are now watching to see if the FSLN can put together a strategy to deliver change in Nicaragua. Even with the MRS they are still in the minority, though there has already been some Deputies changing parties. Whatever the horse trading, the Sandinista victory has been […]

Our America


For several years the Wales Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign has been using film and providing speakers to bring people up to date with events in Nicaragua. A number of excellent documentaries have recently been released, looking at Nicaragua’s recent history. Our America (click here), made be Swiss director Kristina Konrad, tells the story (in German and […]

The FSLN’s win has been warmly welcomed in many parts of the world. But it’s victory means it will have to deal with the contradictions in the agreements and promises it made. The Sandinistas want Nicaragua to be part of ALBA, the Bolivarian alternative for Latin America, but also want the country to be part […]